2017 DH Calendar—Judy

tyler tullis

Tyler Tullis
Senior Account Executive

Feb 16, 2017


OUR TEAM LOVES making cool gifts. But as we headed into 2017, we wanted to make something that showcased the wide range of our six designers.

So we decided to make a standing letterpress calendar. Each designer was tasked with two months to design any way they wanted. This is the result.

Assembly Instruction Video

Over the course of the year, we’ll sit down with each designer to ask them about their unique approach to a blank-canvas project. Starting us off is Senior Art Director Judy Heggem-Davis.

Tyler: Animals seemed to be the recurring theme in your months. Tell us about that.

Judy: I was thinking about a graphic type treatment at first, but I saw some of that in what others were doing so I went with mashups of holidays I like, such as Groundhog’s Day and Valentine’s. I guess I’m just an animal lover.

Tyler: The style you chose for this piece is pretty crisp. Would you say that’s reflective of your overall aesthetic?

Judy: Not necessarily. I love flat, retro or hand-drawn things, but when I started designing in the relatively small calendar space. It was more suited to something with cleaner geometric shapes. That also let me take advantage of the medium’s unique characteristics—over-print, natural texture and embossing effect.

Tyler: I know you love letterpress, and paper in general. Talk about that.

Judy: I do love letterpress. You get a sense of depth with a toothy, cotton paper that feels really rich. And you get pure ink colors with letterpress, which we hardly ever get anymore. The debossing that happens when you letterpress adds such dimension. It’s like adding a frame to a picture. I’m all about the old-school.

I loved doing the press check, too. I could stay and listen to that rhythmic chugging of the press all day. It’s such a happy sound to me.

Tyler: What constraints did you face on this project?

Judy: There was worry about this being cohesive with six cooks in the kitchen, but we found ways to unify under a theme like the two colors we selected. The size of the cards also limited how detailed we could go with designs, as I’m sure John and Julie in particular will discuss later on.

Tyler: Final thoughts?

Judy: Breanna at TypeBee, our printer and true craftswoman, was also a huge partner in this. It was important to have her pulled in early. She helped us engineer the stand and die cut. She even sent her interns to help us assemble. It kept us inspired.

It was soul food for the team. Everyone has such a different style, interests and talents so it’s great to see that range come to life. I’m proud of what our team has created and look forward to the next iteration!


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