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Kelsey Danis

A former event planner, Kelsey appreciates that small details mean a lot — and that it takes a team of skilled pros working together to pull off something big. Now she works with DH clients to help them pull off their big plans. Rather than weddings, she’s helping to run campaigns that cultivate ideas, broaden our perspectives and connect us to something bigger than ourselves.
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Value adder
Change maker
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Kelsey’s take on:

Making the most of your budget

The further your budget goes, the further your message goes. So Kelsey is always looking for opportunities to add value to projects. A video shoot for a broadcast ad might also yield still photos for print ads, for example, plus behind-the-scenes content for your Instagram account.

She’s also straightforward about when and how she thinks you most need our services — and when maybe you don’t.

“It’s me saying, ‘What’s the most strategic ways for us to help you? Where are you and your staff and your community and audience going to feel the biggest impact?’” Kelsey says. “We want to help in the ways that make the best sense strategically.”

Success that looks like real change

For sure, a campaign’s success can and should be measured by data — social media engagements, click-through rates, the number of people who signed up for a program.

But Kelsey also is interested in what comes after those initial interactions, and what your campaign actually means to each person who engaged, clicked through, signed up. Many DH clients work to promote positive change in people’s lives and in their communities. So campaign success requires audiences to own message, to adopt it and to act accordingly.

Kelsey says:

First it has to resonate on a real and deep level, and then be internalized by people, a group, a community. Adoption is when it’s accomplished what it set out to do.

Group work that works

The cooperative vibe at DH, and with our clients, suits Kelsey.

“There’s no pretense. There’s a strong part of our culture — we’re not a one-man or one-woman show,” she says. “We depend on each other within our disciplines and areas of expertise. But we are a collective, and that makes us a strong team to work with.”


Bachelor of arts, communications, Eastern Washington University

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