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Katie Wright

As a person whose job title could be Keeper of All the Things, Katie loves lists. She also loves honing new skills. Does she have a list of new skills to hone? Yes.
Account Executive
Trusted partner
Social media data digger
Fairweather hunter

Katie’s take on:

Relationship skills that work at work

Katie works to build accountable, lasting relationships with clients. There should be no surprises. There should be no unanswered questions. There should be no unanswered emails. Where there’s trust, there’s room to think bigger and better.

Katie serves as your partner while fostering clear and timely communication, setting and sticking to budgets, and leading strategy and creative planning efforts. She collaborates with client and DH teams to run projects that help you meet your goals — and she checks in to ask how to make your life easier: “That’s one of my favorite parts. I want to be my client’s go-to person.”

Using data to use social media well

Social media provides organizations with a “direct line to the community.”

But: How big of a difference? What exactly does the difference look like? If her client’s goal is to effect behavior change, is that truly happening? Katie wants to know. Because “engagement” doesn’t necessarily mean your campaign is accomplishing its goals.

With a background in digital marketing, Katie applies a holistic view to social media. So, along with its more intangible aspects (do people like it?), she’s also looking at the back end of a campaign: Is it leading to clicks that lead to long term followers? Is it leading to real changes in people’s behavior? The latter can be tough to track, Katie says, “but I’m thinking about it. There are polls and other tools to use to gauge whether a social media campaign is actually affecting people’s decisions and actions.”

Katie says:

When we publish something that generates a lot of engagement, we know we’re making a difference.

The love of the hunt (but not necessarily the kill)

Katie grew up joining her dad on hunting and fishing trips. It’s the setting she loves: “My favorite part is getting to go out there before the sun rises and sneaking around kind of stealthily.”

While Katie can shoot a rifle, she hadn’t shot a deer as of this writing. “I love the hunting part of hunting. I’m not sure about killing one yet. Deer are kind of majestic.” She has, however, caught and eaten a whole bunch of fish. “I’m fine with fish. They’re a little more dumb. Not as majestic.”


Bachelor of arts, marketing and communications, Eastern Washington University

Leadership & Volunteering

Marketing and Communications Committee member, Women Helping Women Fund

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