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Jennifer Fanto

If you need it done, Jennifer is on it. She’s the shepherd of processes. The wizard of workflow. The fixer of broken sinks. Jennifer pulls from her diverse background in design, sales, team facilitation and project management to keep the agency and our people performing at our best.
Senior Production Manager
AgencyAgile champion
Able adapter
Community builder

Jennifer’s take on:

The Agile process

DH uses the AgencyAgile workflow process. Jennifer is a fan.

As she explains, Agile is essentially a collaborative way of doing our work that brings all the pieces of our puzzle — the detailed planning — to the surface so we can find where they fit best together. The entire DH team gathers together on a daily basis to raise questions, share what we know, and allocate resources to adapt to changes and serve clients quickly. Agile helps us stay accountable to one another and collaborate and communicate well — which means better results for our clients.

Jennifer says:

The process removes unknowns, takes out the chaos, and increases the speed and quality of our work.

Pivoting with change

The advertising and communications industry is always evolving — and so is DH.

Our agency has grown a lot in recent years, expanding in terms of staff size and in the categories of work we’ve taken on. And as we expand into different sectors and industries, our clients’ needs change, too.

The key to adapting quickly, Jennifer says, is communication: “We’ve created a space to communicate regularly so we can quickly shift our way of doing things together.”

AAF Spokane

Jennifer has been deeply involved in the local American Advertising Federation chapter for the better part of a decade, serving as executive director for seven years and still serving on its board of directors (she’s the current president) after joining in 2012.

AAF Spokane provides a valuable sense of community as well as professional development opportunities for people in our industry: “It’s a great place to build solid relationships and to get different ideas and insight on how we can do our work.”


Associated of applied science, graphic design, Spokane Falls Community College

Leadership & Volunteering

Vice President of Communications, Evergreen Elementary School PTO

Volunteer, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Terrain, Spokatopia

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