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Jasmine Albinson

A true team player, Jasmine jumps in to help with research, copywriting, social media strategy and more for DH clients. She’s always game to pitch in her time and talents to keep projects rolling.
Account Executive
Grassroots collaborator
Finds common ground
Digs in actual ground

Jasmine’s take on:

Communication as collaboration 

Jasmine’s favorite work is to support on-the-ground efforts that improve public safety and public health — helping to manage projects that directly affect people’s lives.

She’s built strong relationships with tribal leaders seeking to combat opioid misuse and with traffic safety managers seeking to eliminate road-related death and serious injuries, for example. Those projects involve much practical communication and coordination, because clients often need a variety of specific, customized materials to reach various audiences.

From the start, the communication has to go in all ways, Jasmine says — with all parties learning and listening.

Jasmine says:

It’s a collaborative conversation between us and the client. It’s not just us coming in with all these big ideas to fix all your problems. We combine what we know with what the client knows. We work together to find a path.

Working well with diverse partners

Because she works on campaigns that involve multiple partner organizations, Jasmine’s role often requires her to balance a variety of communication styles, needs and objectives.

To make it work, she advises looking for common ground among the parties — ensuring the needs and objectives are defined and aligned from the start.

“Always keep the overarching goal of the campaign in mind,” she says. “Think about the bigger picture, and make that the core of all your communication and actions.”

Gardening as whole-self exercise

In the warmer months, Jasmine spends hours every week in her garden, “making sure everything is growing as it should and everything has what it needs.”

She took up the garden as a work in progress, when spring arrived at the house she’d moved into over the winter, and she realized her new yard was overcome with vegetation and beautiful plants. Working outside is a way to work hard with her hands and body while her mind does its own thing.

Garlic, onions, rosemary, basil, cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, pumpkins, raspberries — “that’s all going on in the back,” Jasmine says. “I had no green thumb before. I did a lot of research. Now it’s my favorite activity.”


Bachelor of arts, public relations, Gonzaga University

Leadership & Volunteering

Communications Volunteer, Partnering for Progress

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