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Danajo Wilson

Danajo stands behind everything financial at DH — budgets, forecasts, banking, contracts — and takes care of our employees’ needs, ensuring that our payroll and benefits run smoothly. She’s served as a CFO, controller and finance director in industries as varied as commercial printing and aerospace.
Associate Vice President Finance
Problem solver
Privacy protector
Golf course philosopher

Danajo’s take on:

Piecing together the financial picture

She’s always had a talent for math, but it’s not numbers and formulas that Danajo loves about her work at DH. It’s the challenge of the puzzle — finding the best ways for parts of the business to fit together — and the chance to creatively solve problems. Any business’s financial side inevitably yields duplications and inefficiencies. To Danajo, those present opportunities to find solutions. “I even like doing puzzles for fun at home,” she says. “It’s just how my brain works.”

Integrity on the job

Danajo’s position requires her to know a lot of confidential information that belongs to DH clients, employees and owners. She appreciates her position of trust.

Danajo says:

Ethics are a very important part of what I do. Integrity is a huge part of my personality.

Bad rounds of golf

Twenty years ago, as a newcomer to golf, Danajo learned it was harder than it looked. She hacked away at the ball for two years and joined a league before she started noticing real improvement. She still loves spending time with friends on the course, never far from a beautiful view — and she still suffers through the occasional difficult round. “If you have bad round, you know you can do better next time,” she says. “If you have a good round, you want to get out and do it again.”


Bachelor of science, accounting, Lewis-Clark State College

Leadership & Volunteering

Hostess, Spring Tea fundraiser for Women’s & Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen

Volunteer, Real Life Ministries

Past-President, Prairie Falls Golf Course

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